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Hi, thank-you for purchasing the Vehicle Requisition Script from Nicolas. Configuration for the addon is very simple, start by spawning a vendor through the spawn menu. You'll find them in the [RDV] Requisition tab under entities. Once you've got them placed wherever you want them, save their locations by typing !vrsave. From here, all that's left is to create your vehicles and spawn locations, which you can do from the configuration menu by typing !vrconfig and following the fill-in-the-blank instructions. Here's a few questions people have asked.

Q: What is the classname? 😕
A: The classname is the text you get from right-clicking your vehicle in the spawn-menu and pressing copy-to-clipboard.

Q: Addon no work 😢
A: I'm sorry to hear that! If you've made sure you've downloaded the addons required content, feel free to open a ticket and supply your server console log (this includes from the time the server starts to the time the error occurs) and I'd be glad to assist you!

Q: How do I save the vendors locations?
A: First, please don't use permaprops. Anything that breaks from using PermaProps on my entities, I will not be able to help you with. Use the command !vrsave to save the vendor locations.

- [NCS] Shared Resources (
- PixelUI
You will get a ZIP (33KB) file

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