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(Chat Command: !tsave) - Saves Vendors

(Console Command: ncs_transport_cfg) - Configuration Menu

The [NCS] Transport System, based off of the original addon released back in 2021 that brought a new way to travel for a vast amount of communities has been brought back better than ever with new features, a brand new UI, and many more performance improvements from the original release. You'll start by accessing the configuration menu using ncs_transport_cfg in the clientside console. Here you'll find settings for everything; whether it be adding new locations, changing admin access settings, or the settings for everyday use without interrupting the flow on your server. Afterwards, it's time to add your vendors. All you have to do is spawn the Travel vendor from the spawn menu in Entities -> [NCS] Transport, and place it where you'd like. From here, you can save them using !tsave. If you'd like to add restriction to these vendors, on where they can bring players- access the vendor first and update the locations using the "Manage Available Destinations" button and update it to your liking. Changes to this do require you to save the vendors again using the previous command. If you'd like to remove a vendor, you must disable FPP toolgun restriction in Utilities -> Admin Settings -> Toolgun Options -> Toolgun Protection Enabled (leave unchecked), then use the remover tool as you would normally on the vendor and run !tsave.

You will get a ZIP (150KB) file

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