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The [NCS] Loadouts System was released in late 2023, and adds entirely new ways for your players to enjoy their experience on your server. Configuration starts off in the !loadouts menu, where you're given a multitude of options where you're able to start- either by configuring the basic settings behind the addons functions, creating a few certifications, or by making your first loadout. During the loadout configuration, you're given options for the basic necessities- like armor and health. You've also got further options for weapons, models, and even a custom code execution if you're savvy. There's one option I specifically want to go over, which is the model option. This addon was made to avoid having the same job for every battalion, this means- you don't need to create a different loadout for each battalion you have on the server, instead you can add a pilot model to this box and just select the teams you want to wear it. This can either be the individual job, or the whole team category.

Moving on to the certifications part of the setup, you'll notice it's a lot simpler. This is meant to be the precursor to the loadouts, and that means it's meant to be less restrictive and more player-driven. The main part you should be worried about (only if you're planning to use LVS vehicle restriction is this. By adding a vehicle name to the left-hand most box, and a seat number corresponding with the LVS vehicle interior, you'll be able to ensure only people with this certification can access that part of the vehicle. For pilot, for example- it would be seat #1. Once you're finished, make sure you add a few loadout lockers and save them using the command !savelodvendors. If you'd like to remove a vendor, you must disable FPP toolgun restriction in Utilities -> Admin Settings -> Toolgun Options -> Toolgun Protection Enabled (leave unchecked), then use the remover tool as you would normally on the vendor and run !savelodvendors.

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