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[NCS] Shared Resources

[NCS] PermaWeapons is both a weapons shop, and armory management system. The entire configuration is done in-game by accessing the PermaWeapons vendor found in Entities -> [NCS] Permanent Weapons. Whether it be basic serverside settings, or adding new weapons / running sales.

You might ask, what do you mean by armory management? I mean- the addon has systems in place to only allow players to have a single weapon in each category, which you can toggle on or off through the settings.

Once you've placed your vendor locations, you can save them on the map by running !pmwvendorsave in chat.

If you'd like to remove a vendor, you must disable FPP toolgun restriction in Utilities -> Admin Settings -> Toolgun Options -> Toolgun Protection Enabled (leave unchecked), then use the remover tool as you would normally on the vendor and run !pmwvendorsave.
You will get a ZIP (31KB) file

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